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Natasha Kharwanwala 



Natasha developed her love for movement and the human body as a young child with her 19 year career as a ballerina. After completing her undergraduate degree at McMaster University, Natasha travelled to the United States to complete her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in upstate New York. 


With a passion for travel and adventure she spent the first part of her career travelling around the United States working in a variety of different settings with a full spectrum of different clients. During this time she also completed her Orthopedic Residency and became a registered yoga teacher to be able to continue empowering others through movement.  


Natasha recently returned back to Ontario after living in the states for 11 years to come work at The Physio Spot @ the Foot Knee Back Clinic where she hopes to continue to help empower others to find healing and connection through movement. 

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