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Ancaster and chiropractor, Ancaster and back pain, Ancaster and sports injury

Tom McChesney


Chiropractor, Kinesiologist,

Services: Chiropractic, corrective exercise, active release therapy and acupuncture

I've been a chiropractor at the Foot Knee Back clinic since 2011.  Working with patients is something I'm very passionate about.  Whether you are a high level athlete with a sports injury or a senior looking to improve your quality of life, I'm on board!!  I truly believe that getting your joints and muscles worked on is a healthy endeavor. 


My approach is different from other chiropractors.  I use a combination of therapies including joint mobilization, active release therapy (a.r.t), rehab exercise, acupuncture and more!!!! Another thing that makes my approach different is my treatment times are long.  I like to spend the appropriate time to ensure that we address all the patients issues and establish a good home exercise program to compliment the therapy.  Outside of work, there's nothing else I'd rather do then spend time with family. 


I have two daughters and my wife Katie is a school teacher in Ancaster as well.  Basketball is something I've very passionate, I played professionally overseas and I'm still active in coaching.  I've you have any questions for me, please shoot me an email and I'll do everything I can to help!!! ​

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