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1. What is a sport medicine physician?

A sport medicine physician specializes in the diagnosis and management of sport and exercise related injuries and problems including concussion. They also help manage other musculoskeletal issues such as arthritis.


2.  Does a sport medicine physician do surgery?

No, a sport medicine physician is a non-surgical medical specialty.  They diagnose and manage injuries and can refer you on to the most appropriate health care practitioner which may include other physicians (including surgeons), physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and pedorthotists. They might also prescribe bracing.


3.  Do sport medicine physicians do injections?

Yes, sport medicine physicians have a range of injections they can employ in your treatment including cortisone and viscosupplement (an artificial joint fluid replacement) which are usually covered by private insurance.


4. Are sport medicine physician appointments covered by OHIP?

Yes they are. You must be referred by another physician (usually your Family Doctor or an ER doctor). Ask your doctor for a faxed referral to us and we would be happy to schedule an appointment!

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